Contact-free Valet Market Will Open in San Diego’s East Village

Accel Robotics’ new contact-free market ensures you can skip the line every time.
Contact-free Valet Market Will Open in San Diego’s East Village
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Our phones can do a lot these days, and contact free shopping is just one of the many new perks on the horizon. For those living near the luxury high-rise community of Vantage Pointe in San Diego’s East Village, that horizon will be just around the corner.

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From the renders, Valet Market appears to be just like any local grocery, well, maybe a little swankier than most. What really sets it apart, though, is just how literally you can take the phrase of “grab-and-go” when you shop there. There will be no lines and no cash registers at Valet Market. Instead, patrons will simply use their phones to check into the store, track items as they select them, and check out, at which point a receipt will be sent to their phones.

Accel Robotics, a leading start-up that offers a “frictionless commerce platform,” announced plans to launch their autonomous ‘Valet Market,’ with Last Step ™ delivery options to boot. The market has set up shop in a 1,500 square foot retail space in Brookfield’s Vantage Pointe Apartments, located at 1281 Ninth Avenue in San Diego. Here patrons will find locally-sourced produce, baked goods and dairy, as well everyday necessities, all of which will be stocked on the store’s smart shelves.

According to Accel Robotics’ website, “products are automatically tallied as they are picked up, which means there’s no more waiting in line to check out.” This also means Valet Market will be open 24/7, so patrons can shop at a time that is most convenient for them.

In addition to 24/7 access to Valet Market, Last Step™ offers delivery directly to your doorstep. It certainly doesn’t get much more contract-free than that.

So there you have it: once Valet Market is up and running inside Vantage Pointe Apartments, all you’ll have to do is download the app; your phone will assist you with the rest.  

Eve Payne

Eve Payne is a freelance writer with an MFA in poetry from Syracuse University. In 2019, she received the Leonard Brown Prize for her poetry, which has appeared or is forthcoming in Colorado Review, The Adroit Journal, Nashville Review, and RHINO.
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