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After years of breaking restaurant, retail, and real estate news in Atlanta and Los Angeles, What Now Media Group has finally landed in San Diego. Welcome to your new hub for all things brick and mortar. Before a restaurant so much as posts a sign on its door, we’ll have the scoop here at What Now San Diego (WNSD).

Just like your favorite Fallbrook avocados, our news is locally sourced. At WNSD, we value community input and feedback. So, if you’re an in-the-know local with a hot restaurant, retail, or real estate tip, we’d love to hear from you — just hit us up at [email protected]

We know that timing is everything. Unlike monthly food and retail magazines, we’re in the business of breaking news fast. So, whatever you’re looking out for, from new coffee shops to up-and-coming retail spots, our team will be working tirelessly to get the news to you first. 

If you feel like new shops are popping up in your neighborhood every day, that’s because they are. In San Diego, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of each and every new business. We’re here to make that easier on you.

This is the site that San Diegans have been waiting for, and we’re so happy you made it here. Subscribe to our breaking news alerts, add us on Facebook, or follow our Twitter. Whatever your preferred platform might be, one thing’s for sure: you won’t want to miss out. 

Caleb J. Spivak


Founder Caleb J. Spivak launched What Now Media Group in 2010 with the blog What Now Atlanta which became a trusted source for hospitality news in the city. In 2017, What Now Atlanta formalized operations with the launch of its Preferred Partner Program. The company now serves a total of 12 cities.

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