Cane Patch Kitchen Heading to Aztec Food Hub

Ghost Kitchen Adds Creole Soul Food to Roster
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Another solid addition to the takeout offerings at yet-to-open ghost kitchen Aztec Food Hub will be Cane Patch Kitchen. Well-known by San Diegans for their participation in local events and Farmers Markets, they currently serve up Creole Soul food in Liberty Public Market

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Owners Tony Smalls and Ebony Broadway specialize in authentic Southern dishes, following decades-old recipes passed down from family members. On their menu you’ll find Seafood Gumbo, Gator Po’Boys, Red Beans & Rice, and made-to-order Beignets dusted with powdered sugar. 

Heading over to College Area, Tony Smalls tells What Now San Diego that they’ll have more treats in store for customers at the new location. 

“We’re not slimming down the menu. In fact, we’re expanding the menu a bit and doing some different things. We’re not ready to let the cat out of the bag just yet but expect some new things,” teases Smalls. “We’re excited to be a part of the Aztec Food Hub project and we want to see what the take is going to be. We anticipate people are going to love it,” he says. 

As for setting up in the new location, Smalls says, “We’re reintroducing ourselves to that area. Pre-Covid we would do the SDSU Farmers Markets and set up at the basketball games. We haven’t got back into it since then so this is a re-introduction. A lot of the students know our food and what we do.” 

Aztec Food Hub is still making preparations for the new space and have not announced an opening date yet. What Now San Diego has been gathering information from the participating restaurants like Blue Poke and Cocina 35, the takeout hub is expected to open by the end of 2021. Follow Cane Patch Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram or find them now at Liberty Public Market.

Jeannine Boisse

Jeannine Boisse (she/her) is a What Now Media Group staff reporter with a background in Radio & Television. Based in San Diego, you can usually find her exploring local breweries, trying new recipes, and listening to podcasts.
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