Cocina 35 Added to Aztec Food Hub Takeout Lineup

San Diego’s Best Chilaquiles Heading to College Area Ghost Kitchen
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The Comida Corrida (build your own plate) restaurant Cocina 35 is one of the latest names added to the Aztec Food Hub ghost kitchen in College Area. The kitchen offers takeout and delivery services only. With the popularity of Cocina 35’s locations in Downtown and Otay Mesa for their traditional Mexican Breakfasts, the option for takeout only could be a fast option to get the best Chilaquiles in town. 

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What Now San Diego spoke to Owner Paulina Chaidez about expanding to the new spot in the hub. “Due to COVID, both of our restaurants got hit in a good way with to-go orders,” explains Chaidez. To keep up with increased takeout demand, both restaurants established ghost kitchens in the back of house as not to interfere with front of house staff maintaining regular restaurant service. 

While updating their spaces to increase takeout profitability, Cocina 35 learned about the concept of Barrio Food Hub. “We visited them and they have an amazing location, it’s an unbelievable idea. But with it so near our Downtown location, we decided not to set up at the Barrio Food Hub. We told them to call us as they planned to open another location,” says Chaidez. “We wanted to open a regular restaurant on the East Side of San Diego and this was the best thing to do right now while everyone is still ordering takeout.” 

The takeout-only hub is a great concept for brands like Cocina 35 who are interested in expanding, they’ve already established their brand digitally and on social media, and the space will require little investment to get started serving outside their regular restaurant radius. Chaidez says, “It’s going to be fun to see a younger crowd on that side of town near College. We’ve redone our to-go orders to make the crunchiest Chilaquiles that you can build yourself at home in 15 seconds. Instead of having a soggy dish, we’ve made everything special, to prepare when it’s delivered to you.” 

Along with their new takeout method for crunchy and delicious Chilaquiles at home, Chaidez and Cocina 35 are thinking of extending their hours past breakfast. Late night bites will be a whole new ballgame for the brunch experts and they’ll be excited to offer additional hours to their staff. 

Cocina 35 are hoping to begin service at the Aztec Food Hub by late November. In the meantime, San Diegans can get the Best Chilaquiles at their original location at 1425 Sixth Avenue and further South in Otay Mesa. Visit their Website for more information and follow on Facebook for updates.

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Jeannine Boisse (she/her) is a freelance writer and professional creative with a background in Radio & Television. Based in San Diego, you can usually find her exploring local breweries, trying new recipes, and listening to podcasts.
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