San Marcos’ Stave and Nail Brewing Company has an Expansion in the Works

The microbrewery with a tasting room on Grand Ave is looking to North County.
San Marcos’ Stave and Nail Brewing Company has Expansion in the Works
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Stave and Nail Brewing Company, if you haven’t heard, gets its name from the brewing process itself. That’s just how serious these beer makers are.

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The company’s website shares, “staves make up the sides of the barrel and are bound together with metal hoops. The insides of these staves are porous which allows the yeast and bacteria to harbor deep in the oak.” The staves represent the beer aging process, while the nail comes into play during the blending process. After aging the beer, the brewers drill a stainless steel nail into the barrel, which they remove in order to pull samples from the different barrels. From there, the blending magic happens.

Stave and Nail Brewing Co. is a mostly barrel aged and fermented brewery with the goal of producing balanced, delicate beers with unique character. The brewery is so small and production so artful that Stave and Nail’s tasting room doesn’t keep regular hours. They’re sounding more and more exclusive by the minute, aren’t they?

Well according to San Diego Beer News, you might just find yourself with a little more access to Stave and Nail than was previously possible. The media outlet reports Stave and Nail is looking to open a second location, this time in North County. The second location will have a kitchen and cocktail menu as well.

Stave and Nail is co-owned by brothers Joe and Justin Stambaugh. We were unable to reach the Stambaugh’s at the time of publication, so you’ll want to follow Stave and Nail’s social media for updates on the expansion.

Eve Payne

Eve Payne

Eve Payne is a freelance writer with an MFA in poetry from Syracuse University. In 2019, she received the Leonard Brown Prize for her poetry, which has appeared or is forthcoming in Colorado Review, The Adroit Journal, Nashville Review, and RHINO.
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