Meet Cute Romance Bookshop and Fizzery Coming Soon to La Mesa

Handcrafted Beverages and Romance Novels together at the Meet Cute Bookshop & Fizzery
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A new bookshop and soda fountain concept is coming soon to La Mesa Village. What Now San Diego recently gathered knowledge of a permit application for the opening of a Fizzery.

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Never heard of a Fizzery? Owner Becca Title shared to What Now San Diego, the concept is an updated version of the old-timey soda fountain. Think hand-crafted sodas, egg creams, plus snacks like popcorn and sweet treats, attached to a book store.

“The idea is to create a community space for people to hang out and talk about books they love, specifically romance novels,” Becca explains. “The romance community is strong online and they love to chat.” Meet Cute Bookshop will provide a home for “romance lovers or the romance-curious” to meet IRL, plus provide enough room to host book clubs and enjoy unique sparkling beverages.

Even if you’re not particularly keen on romance novels, don’t worry because Becca can help! “One of my favorite things is finding what type of books people usually read and finding them a romance novel to match their interests.”

Cold drinks and hot books coming soon, with an opening planned for January 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for the book store taking place of Lupe’s Shoe Repair’s former location on La Mesa Boulevard in La Mesa Village. Online bookshop and Merch Store are currently open for business at

Jeannine Boisse

Jeannine Boisse (she/her) is a What Now Media Group staff reporter with a background in Radio & Television. Based in San Diego, you can usually find her exploring local breweries, trying new recipes, and listening to podcasts.
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