Malibu Farm to Put Down Roots in Seaport Village

This farm-to-table SoCal eatery is expanding and will offer full-service dining and more.
Malibu Farm to Put Down Roots in Seaport Village
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“Eat the real thing, or don’t eat it at all.” is the motto of Helene Henderson, founder and chef of Malibu Farm. Henderson’s a firm believer in farm-to-table food, and she walks-the-walk.

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According to Malibu Farm’s website, Henderson started the company a few years ago, offering cooking classes and farm dinners in her own backyard. Now the little company has offshoots sprouting up all over SoCal (and other parts of the world), including a new location, yet-to-open, in San Diego’s Seaport Village.

Malibu Farm sources local and organic as frequently as possible, and you can find a list of their food sources under the About Us section of their website. “We use mostly whole wheat flours and whole grains. Lots of veggies, and fruits, I love arugula and I totally believe there is no such thing as too much lemon, ” writes Helene. That’s something she and I agree on.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports Malibu Farm’s full-service dinning establishment in Seaport Village will come equipped with an ice cream and espresso bar, as well as a home goods store, and should open sometime next summer.

Sounds to me like it will be well worth the wait.

Eve Payne

Eve Payne

Eve Payne is a freelance writer with an MFA in poetry from Syracuse University. In 2019, she received the Leonard Brown Prize for her poetry, which has appeared or is forthcoming in Colorado Review, The Adroit Journal, Nashville Review, and RHINO.
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