House of Black Coffee Company Plans Expansion Near Balboa Park

As one coffee shop leaves the building, 'Hob' prepares its entrance
House of Black Coffee Company Plans Expansion Near Balboa Park
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Local craft coffee roaster, House of Black Coffee Company, recently filed a permit application under the address 3752 Park Blvd., a spot just north of Balboa. The new location is uniquely positioned between many trendy hubs, surrounded on each side by North Park, University Heights, and Hillcrest. 

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According to their recent liquor license application, House of Black Coffee Company (also known as HOB Coffee) also plans to sell beer and wine. Not only do these permits reveal HOB Coffee’s expansion, but also the departure of Refill Cafe, another beloved local brand. 

HOB Coffee has gained a great deal of traction over the past few years. Since opening up their first branch in Poway in 2018, they’ve also branched out to East Village. As self-described “coffee heads,” the HOB Coffee team roasts in small batches, and they typically carry three to four single-origin coffee options at a time. 

What Now San Diego reached out to several members of HOB Coffee management, but has yet to receive their confirmation regarding the Park Blvd. business plans. 

New HOB Coffee location
Photo: Google

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