Cannabis retailer Pacabol opens in Chula Vista

Pacabol is named after the alpaca species that roams the Andes
Cannabis retailer Pacabol opens in Chula Vista
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Pacabol Cannabis Dispensary opened its doors in Chula Vista at 646 H Street. Pacabol is named after the alpaca species that roams the Andes at some of the highest altitudes on earth.

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Customers will be able to enjoy a cannabis-buying experience with a dedicated reception area, flower bar, edible compartments, a large television and digital display wall and a DJ booth. There is a dedicated space to get mellow – referred to as a “smoke easy” (like speak easy) called the Hash Hole. Customers can escape to the dark, cave-like surroundings adorned with moss and stone to enhance their purchasing experience.

Pacabol recognizes that concentrates have become increasingly popular in the cannabis industry, so they have chosen to highlight these types of products in the Hash Hole.

The store is located in a 3,500-square-foot space. They have plans to host hash- and concentrate-specific product launches and vendor events, music, meet and greets, and merch drops in the space.

Lisa Hay

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